From the Pastor 

Dear Friends,
Welcome to our website!  We are glad you found us. It can be hard to go to a church for the first time.  There are so many questions that aren’t answered in the mailings and newspaper ads.
For example, “Will I know how to get into the building for the service, or will I pick the wrong door?”  “What do I do with my children?”  “What should I wear?”  “What will the service be like?”  Unknown factors like these can make church intimidating.
We hope we can answer some of the questions in this visitors section you might have about our church before you visit.  We’d like to make your visit with us relaxed and enriching.
Our deepest wish is that when you visit Christ, you will hear about your Savior, Jesus, and come to know the grace and love of God more and more.  
Paul Cole, Pastor