A Brief History
Menominee's oldest Lutheran church is Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Before it became an organized congregation, Lutheran pastors from the Green Bay -- Oconto area came to Menominee and Menominee County to officiate at baptism, communion services and funerals for German speaking Lutherans.

On June 2, 1873, a group of 11 men organized a congregation and chose the name, German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Menominee.  Yes, we take godly pride in the fact that we have been sharing the pure Word of God with our community for over 145 years.  The congregation changed the name of the church on April 9, 1905, to its present name Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Menominee, probably to indicate the church's desire to reach out, not just to German speaking people, but to people of all nations. 


Christ Lutheran has presently over 200 souls and looks forward to the challenges and blessings that await us in the coming years, because we know that God will be our Refuge and Strength in the future as he has been in the past.


 Our Pastor

The Reverend Paul Cole has served us as pastor since July of 1996. He is a 1986 graduate of Michigan Lutheran Seminary in Saginaw, Michigan, a 1990 graduate of Northwestern College (formerly located in Watertown, Wisconsin), and a 1994 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin.

In May of 1994, he was called through the Assignment Committee of the WELS to serve as the last tutor (a tutor is a dormitory supervisor and instructor) at Martin Luther Preparatory School in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. When the MLPS doors were closed and she was amalgamated with Northwestern Preparatory School in Watertown, Wisconsin, in June of 1995, he went with her and served as tutor at the new Luther Preparatory School. In May 1996, he was called by Christ Lutheran through the Assignment Committee to be our pastor.

Pastor Cole is very happy to be of service to you in any way that is consistent with his office. You can contact him at the church office by telephone at (906)-863-2119.
Pastors Who Have Served Christ Lutheran
Rev. Adolph Toepel 1874-1880
Rev. Henry Hillemann 1880-1898
Rev. C.F. Rutzen 1898-1916
Rev. C.H. Auerswald 1916-1920
Rev. G.E. Schroeder 1920-1929
Rev. Theodore Thurow 1929-1962
Rev. Donald Sellnow 1962-1965
Rev. Gerhardt Kionka 1965-1971
Rev. J.Edward Lindquist 1971-1987
Rev. Leroy Ade 1987-1991
Rev. Thomas Rothe 1991-1996
Rev. Paul L. Cole 1996-present